Meet Making Waves

Emeritus Members, Production Team

Steve Brusca

Founding member of Making Waves, Bass & Vocals


At age 11 Stephen picked up his first bass at Ted's Music in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore and has been playing ever since.

Stephen assembled this band in 2012 with the goal of bringing back the magic of the glory days of MTV when so many great songs and artists were bursting onto the scene. That music has stood the test of time and still hold up today! Steve is passionate about the music played by Making Waves as well as the show they present and he hopes you love it as much as the band does.

When he's not playing his favorite game, "Name That Cheese", Steve enjoys clubbing with baby seals (not clubbing baby seals... there's a difference) and making himself "feel pretty". Also, right around now, he's regretting asking Jim to maintain the website.

Bryan Leppo

Drums & Vocals


Bryan has been bringing rhythmic balance to the universe since the late 90s. After a confirmed UFO abduction, he currently resides on the ultimate "other" plane and communicates only thru the tribal-ness of the drum. After many different styles of music and bands he now is the mellow glue that holds Making Waves together.

Brent Bauer



Our newest member to join the band, our resident lefty Brent Bauer has been playing "upside down" guitar for almost two decades . . .over the years he developed quite a knack for it! You will find him on stage jumping, dancing, waving his hands in the air or making some goofy expression!

Gina Brusca

(Lead Vocals)


Gina is also a founding member of Making Waves & when she isn't singing or playing percussion you can find her out on the dance floor, cavorting with reckless abandon! If you suspect she's drunk, let me assure you she isn't. The lack of coordination on display comes 100% naturally! Other hobbies include creative things like designing, gardening, painting/drawing, cooking (mostly) healthy food and eating aforementioned mostly healthy food. Her favorite songs are the ridiculous ones like Rock Lobster by the B52's.

Jim Cabral

Keyboards, Front Man, Vocals


Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Jim Cabral has been performing on the stage since 1989. He has produced a number of records, both for himself and clients. He's been involved in musical genres from Country, CCM, Top 40 to his newest gig-- rocking out the 80s. He also is on staff as Band Director at Crossroads Community Church. Jim is a consummate performer with amazing talent and has a strong "yiddishe kop" (the ability to think fast and deliver just the right words with wit and charm!). Jim did not write the Yiddishe Kop portion of this bio, but he does maintain the website.

Christian Ty

Vocals/Front Man


One day about 5 years ago a teenager approached our band at an one of our early gigs and asked: "Can I sing Jenny (867-5309) with you? The crowd knew him from Karaoke and wanted to hear him sing so we said: "Sure, come on up!" . . . we were blown away with his perfomance and he has been singing with us at gigs ever since! Christian TY (aka "Kidd") is infectious, fun and an AMAZING perfomer! His own words: "They call me 'the Kidd' and most people ask me how such a young guy knows theses songs from over 30 years ago? I laugh and say: 'I'm an old soul who has a passion for this music!' I love to sing and now I get to sing with Making Waves!"

Contact Us

Steve Brusca - 443-610-4681

Emeritus Members

Matt Sedlak

Guitar, Founding Member


Founding Member Matt Sedlak recently retired from the band to spend more time with his children and wife Melissa. As GREAT a guitar player as he is, he's an even better father, husband, son, sibling and friend. We love Matt and thank him for his 5 years with Making Waves and who knows . . . you may see a cameo from him at some upcoming show!

Larry Campf

Keyboards & Vocals, Founding Member


A Founding Member of Making Waves on keys (along with vocals, guitar and bass), Larry is one of the sweetest guys you will ever know and you will be hard pressed to find a better friend! Larry joins the band from time to time and you never know when you might next see him on stage with the band!

Meet our Production Team

Gary Keihl, Todd Peden and John Harding (Sound) and Dr. Paul Webster (lights)

Gary Keihl


Self taught mix engineer from the days of rotary controls, Gary has over four and a half decades of live reinforcement experience spanning a large variety of musical types. Formerly an Electronics Engineer, he has followed a passion to entertain. Gary brings this value to every event to make yours successful and remembered. Check him out at his web site:

Todd Peden



Todd has been in the professional audio industry since 1982, which is the same year he started doing sound for a regional touring company in the Midwest. He's been doing sound for bands and houses of worship for decades. Todd's day job is to design and commission professional audio, video and lighting systems. He also played for years as a sax player in Motown bands (back in the 80s) but at this point likes to be behind the board and out of the spotlight!

John Harding


Dr. Paul Webster